My name is Olumide Olotu I am a medical student and the founder of MoveToCanadaDIY. My main goal is to empower individuals with the information and knowledge to complete their Canadian Permanent Residency application on their own.

I was in your position sometime ago. A foreign national looking to become a Canadian Permanent resident. I made appointments with multiple Immigration Lawyers/Consultants. After finding out the price they charge for their services, I decided to complete the process by myself.

I did not know where to begin. It seemed overwhelming at first. However after a lot of time and effort spent doing research, I was able to slowly figure out my bearings. Today, I am a Canadian Permanent Resident!

Not too long after, my peers found out I got my PR without the help of an Immigration Consultant and I encouraged them to do the same. I guided my peers with the application process so they did not have to go through the grueling process of trying to figure everything out like I did. Today, they are all Canadian Permanent Residents.

The success of my friends and I as solo PR applicants inspired me to create MoveToCanadaDIY, an all-in-one guide on how to complete your Canadian PR application by yourself. I realized that if my peers and I could be successful, so could a lot of other people if they had the right pointers to follow. Not everyone can afford the services of an Immigration Consultant (they are so expensive) and MoveToCanadaDIY helps get rid of that financial hinderance.

The course is a video walkthrough so you see how to fill out all the forms, where to obtain certifications, templates you can use to request for certain documents and so much more.

It is currently under development and I cannot wait to share what I have in store for you. In the mean time, keep an eye out for the free "GET STARTED" video that will be hitting your inbox soon.

Remember, creating the life you want is only, and always up to you!